Simplify & Amplify: A New(ish) Direction for 8 Point Farm

This year the goal for the garden (and all else, really) is to simplify arrangements while amplifying what we already have in place. It’s a difficult challenge, but basically we want to balance our desire for beauty with space considerations and the frustrating realities of plant behaviors — what they do in strong winds, for example, or when they seek out the sun (thus crowding out a walkway).

So the new mantra around here: Simplify and amplify!

We’ve expanded natural grassy areas (easy to mow) by chipping away at some walkways and planting areas, reducing bed sizes and opting for perennials instead of annuals so we’re not digging out bulbs every fall to replant in the spring. Some of the taller perennials will help with weed control, as well, which is a must to ease the maintenance burden.

It’s just the two of us now, and we and the chickens are not so “spring” anymore. So we’re excited to be working with more focus and direction, reducing the canvas somewhat but amping up what we do in our dedicated spaces. 

Stay tuned! Future posts and pics will detail the ongoing work of simplifying and amplifying. For now, an action shot of today’s busy workspace (sometimes dining table) as Ruby coordinates seed orders and maps out the different beds.