A little bit of land + a lot of big ideas = 8 Point Farm.

We’re located in the Fox River valley of northern Illinois, near the confluence of the Fox and Illinois Rivers. For now, we’re experimenting — with permaculture, sustainable and small-scale (very small) farming, rain harvesting, orcharding, and beekeeping.

Plus a few chickens.

Click here for more information on our deliciously raw, local honey.

We’d like to meet others in the area doing similar things, so if you’re interested in collaborating or sharing ideas, leave a reply and say hello.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Congrats on the website/blog.
    The photograph ‘y is outstanding. Who’s the ‘er?
    That green thing looks weird – looks like a leaf on his back.
    Can I come by later and see the new and recovering chicks?

    • Thanks! Been mostly me on ‘er duty this summer, but Octavia has taken a bunch too.
      And come by any time to see the chickens. They like the company.

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