Working Orchard Tree List


  • Redmond Linden, standard, obtain locally (American linden is used for honey bees)

apples (11) in order of ripening, all disease resistant

apricot (3)

  • Harglow, dwarf, early July, late blooming
  • Goldcot, dwarf, early July, zone 4 (STARK)
  • Moorpark, dwarf, mid July, can be dried (STARK)

plum (6)

cherry (10)

  • 2 X Surefire (tart), dwarf, early June, self-fertile, zone 4
  • Stella, dwarf, mid-June/July, pollinates Kristin, self-fertile, zone 4
  • 2 X Black Gold, dwarf, mid-June, pollinates Kristin, self-fertile, one for S garden, zone 5
  • 2 X Kristin (sweet), dwarf, mid July, zone 4
  • Hartland (sweet), dwarf, mid season, pollinates Kristin, zone 4
  • 2 X Evan’s (tart), dwarf, Aug, zone 3

pear (5)

  • Harrow Delight, semi-dwarf, early Sept, disease resistant
  • Seckel, semi-dwarf, late Sept, disease resistant
  • Warren, semi-dwarf, Oct, good keeper, disease resistant
  • 2 X Bosc, semi-dwarf, late Oct, zone 4, good keeper, pollinates HD

paw paw (3, collection from Stark)

peach (2 Stark)

  • Blushing Star (white), dwarf, mid Aug, self-pollinating, zone 4, north of house where it will be sheltered from February sun
  • Contender (yellow), dwarf, late Aug, self-pollinating, zone 4

hazelnut (Arbor Day)

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