Starting Seeds and Planting Seedlings!!

After a little searching, I found a fabulous resource from the Old Farmer’s Almanac. It’s a planting calendar based on one’s zip code and lunar phases. I punched in our zip code and got this calendar.

Best Planting Dates for Seeds

Our safe(ish) last frost date is May 5, according to the Illinois Extension. Freezing can occur into mid-May, but Cinco de Mayo is easy to remember and fairly safe. They also recommend getting broccoli started early because it likes colder weather and can withstand a little frost. I’ll start some today.

So, I walk by the stove and can’t help but inspect the pepper seeds. One bag looked a little funny, like maybe mold was growing on the seeds. It’s only been 48 hours since I started them, so I didn’t expect any action on the seeds. I opened it up, and look what I found! The Breslin Yellow Hot Peppers are the champion germinators.


I planted them and popped some basil seed into the other 18 cells. Now they’re next to the stove for incubation, since we don’t have any sun today.


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