Special Areas and Their Special Plants

N House Yard

N House Swale

N Porch Borders

W Side House

S House (see separate post)

W Side Garage

  • blueberries–they like rhododendrons, lilacs, lewisias, heath, and basil; excellent info about planting here

Triangle West of Garage (TriWeGa)

NW side Garage (top)

E side Garage (farm view)

E Porch Borders

Propane Tank

Box Elder Guild


Permaculture Ideas

We haven’t tasted Paw Paws yet, but everything we read suggests they taste wonderful. As an added bonus, they don’t mind black walnuts.

Permaculture design with paw paw and apples.

Swales being built, plus a design on swales.

Hugulcultured swales by Midwest Permaculture.

Chickens for the orchard by Midwest Permaculture.

Idea for orchard design–set up rows by harvest date, not variety.

Northern Nut Growers Association with scion wood exchange and good source of info on varieties.


Zone 2 fruit tree guilds with lists of plants and pictures.

Northern Illinois permaculture and B & B with pictures and examples of planting companions.

Cherry tree guild for northern clime.

Permaculture Institute, Santa Fe, NM

Gardening Near Black Walnut

We have several large, beautiful black walnut trees in the area near our house that we will be planting with orchards and gardens. Although these trees are gorgeous, they are toxic to some plants, including apple trees.

More on gardening near black walnut.

Companion plants for black walnut

More companion plants

Black Walnut Society

List of plants that do, and don’t, grow near black walnuts, with measurements.

A video with measurements.